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Our mission is to make our unique pharmaceutical products more accessible to the patients that need them, and provide a constant information flow of all clinical study results and product efficiency to the medical and pharmaceutical experts.


To be continually recognized as an active subject in processes of helping and solving medicinal needs, and as such achieve leadership position in the pharmaceutical industry.


Proton System d.o.o. represents one of the leading regional companies for developing pharmaceutical products, that is also highly involved in their evaluation and registration processes for European countries, their import and active maintenance of solid placement of products on medical markets.

Company Proton System was founded in 1999. and have been constantly evolving since then. Today, Proton System company is present in most regional Balkan countries and parts of Eastern Europe markets.
+381 (011) 2070801
Viline Vode bb, Free Zone Belgrade


  • Our company’s goal is to ensure, alongside all our partners, that our unique products are accessible to all the patients that require them. At the same time, within our partner networks, new knowledge and results on our product efficiency are constantly exchanged. That is why we are constantly working on maintaining existing partnership deals, while remaining open for all new partner relations that can aid product research and development of our manufacturing portfolio.



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